Andy McLeod

Andy has divided his career between wine and computing (among other achievements he built the first e-commerce site in the UK). A graduate of WSET and the University of Davis (California), he became involved in the world of wine more than 20 years ago. His personal mission is to introduce the incredible potential of Terra Alta wines to the British public.

Ali McLeod

Ali is a trained administrator who, as well as raising two children, was the person mainly responsible for keeping the family’s various business ventures on track. Very much Yin to Andy’s Yang, Ali brings order to what would otherwise be chaos. She is blessed with a naturally good “nose” which she continues to train using the WSET structured courses.

Andrew Halliwell

Andrew is from Manchester originally and fell in love with wine and Spain in his early 20s. Deciding to go into wine full-time, he studied winemaking at the University of Adelaide and has since worked 20 harvests across Spain and around the world. Now based in Catalunya he feels fortunate to have some much diversity within an hour’s drive. When not at the winery, Andrew’s most likely to be found either out on his bike or at the beach.